Meet the Team

Kayla Crawley

Kayla Crowley is co-CEO of Black Business Atlas inc

Kayla is co-founder and CEO of Black Business Atlas inc ("BBA"). Kayla is the founder of the Facebook group Black Business Atlas - Building our Community. She created the group in June 2020, following the social uprising caused by the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breanna Taylor and George Floyd. Kayla felt the urge to do more for the Black community in Montreal as she realized that there was a need for everyone to come together in a positive way. She wanted to create a platform that would allow the community to support Black-owned businesses and help them thrive. Another important aspect of the Facebook group is to allow members to exchange on various topics ranging from current events to cultural issues.

Kayla graduated with an Honours degree in Criminology from the University of Ottawa and is a member of the Professional Order for Criminologists in Quebec. She has extensive experience working with youth and is very passionate about social justice, equality and inclusivity.

Fatoumata B. Barry

Fatoumata Barry is CFO of Black Business Atlas inc

Fatoumata is co-founder and CFO of Black Business Atlas inc. (BBA). She initially joined the Facebook group as a member because she wanted to feel more connected to the wider community, following the events related to George Floyd. She saw tremendous potential and had a strong sense that this group had the capacity to have a meaningful positive impact on the community. Later on when the opportunity arose to partner with Kayla and Marly, and expand the service offering, it was a no brainer! Fatoumata strongly believes that economic empowerment is key for any minority group to rise up and succeed in society - and that is what BBA is all about.

Fatoumata has a finance background. She is a CFA Charterholder with a Bcom and MBA from McGill University.